I have been in furniture and cabinet finishing and touch up work as well as antique restoration for the past thirty-six years. 

My career began with my father, Jack L. Palmaro,  who had a furniture finishing business in New York City on East 73rd Street between the East River Drive and York Avenue.   His business was called Palmaro Furniture Decorators.  In his little two man shop he serviced many clients like the Carlyle Hotel, the Hotel Elysee, the Hotel Pierre as well as manufacturers,  designers, decorators, furniture showrooms, owners of rare antiques and many private clients.

I began working with my father when I was six years of age.  I would go to work with him during summer vacations, Easter break, Christmas vacation and any time that I could join him to learn my father's profession and of course to earn a little money.  When I was twenty three years of age, I decided to join my father for two years to apprentice with him and to learn all that I could .  In the process he taught me the art of faux finishing including raised Chinese decorations, antiquing, faux marble, tortoise shell, striping, and gold leafing.  He graduated from Cooper Union in New York City with a degree in fine art, therefore he taught me well.  He also taught me about wood finishes of every kind, how to spray lacquer, mix colors and so many other skills which now seem a part of my being. 

An important part of my education which my father taught me was to be honest, to have integrity and to do the very best that I could possibly do for my clients.  He once told me that no one is perfect except God Himself.  Everyone will make a mistake once in a while, but he said that we should do the very best that we know how and he promised that my clients would appreciate my honest efforts and my skills.  He was correct.  I have had wonderful relationships with many people, commercial and residential clients alike.  Thank you Dad for all your help and your advice.

In 1975 I opened my own business on the other side of the Hudson River.  In Elmwood Park, NJ,  I began Palamaro Furniture Decorators.  It was a shop which I kept open for ten years.  I was a supervisor after that for nearly two years with a company by the name of IPF International in Paterson, NJ.  After, in 1985, I decided to open a new business entitled, Palamaro Furniture Touch Ups.  

One of my clients was the St. Regis Hotel, in Manhattan.  I worked for them as a contractor for several years when in 1996 I was asked to join the Engineering staff and worked for them full time working to keep the wood in the hotel looking as new as possible.  I kept my business open and operated it after hours.  Therefore, without a doubt, I kept busy.  I left in 2000 and moved to California where I traveled from California to New York every three to four weeks.  I had many satisfied clients on both sides of the continent. 

Finally I have moved to Manahawkin, NJ.  I work in the tri state area and travel throughout the entire east coast when I'm called upon to do special orders.

I am thankful for my profession as I honestly can't think of any other work that I'd rather do.

If you are a new client, I pledge my best to you as I do to all my existing clients.  Manufacturers, showrooms, designers, decorators, architects, moving companies, building contractors, , finishing shops, upholstery shops, all other commercial clients and of course the residential customer.  I promise to follow my father's advice.  Do My Best!  That's my pledge to you.   All are welcome. 

Thank you,


Bart Palamaro