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1. Where are you located?

23 Island Breeze Court
Manahawkin, New Jersey 08050

2. What type of furniture restoration do you perform?

We perform touch up restoration of older finishes and can repair scratches, holes. dents. gauges. chips, rub marks, and water damages.

3. Do you work strictly on site or do you have a shop?

I work on site in homes, offices, warehouses and anywhere that I have to travel to do my work.  I do not have a shop where you might bring furniture for touch up or restoration.

4. How do you charge for your services?

My prices are based on the difficulty of the work to be done and a daily rate.  Charges are for a quarter day, half day or a full day of work.   Each job is different with it's own set of circumstances and difficulties.  Some jobs take less time than other jobs.  Others take more time due to drying time of paints, lacquers, etc.

5. Do you give free estimates?

In most cases the estimates are free.  There are some instances when you are charged.  I charge for estimates that are outside of the tri state area and I charge for insurance estimates.  The charge for insurance estimates is deducted from the overall charge on the final invoice once the work is completed.

6. Do you accept checks, credit, debit or cash?

I accept checks or cash and a receipt is given for both for tax purposes as needed.  Sorry, but no credit or debit cards.  All work is Payment on Completion for private work and 10 days for commercial accounts.

7. What is touch up?

Touch up is the ability to repair cracks, scratches, dents, holes, gouges and more using filler if needed and touch up colors. There is faux graining involved very often where I have to make the touch up blend into the finish to look like the wood itself. Other times there is touch up using solid colors and then at times buffing of the area.  Many colors are custom matched.

8. What is restoration?

Restoration means cleaning an existing finish or surface of all dirt, grease, oils, older polish, etc.  Then,  the surface is touched up.  Finally the surface is French polished using a water based polyurethane made especially for padding the finish onto the surface to protect the touch up areas and to make the piece look cleaner, more lustrous, and well kept.

9. What pieces can be restored?

Any wood surface can be restored.  An example is Kitchen cabinets, Furniture, Wall Units, and Antiques.  All can be restored.

10. How is restoration different from refinishing?

Refinishing means stripping the finish off the wood surface to start new from the surface of the wood.  In essence refinishing means putting a brand new finish on the surface of the wood.  New stain, new lacquer, etc.  Restoration means working with the already existing finish to restore it back to an almost new appearance without the same time needed to refinish pieces.  Refinishing pieces normally has to be done in a shop with some minor exceptions where restoring pieces can be done on site in your home, office or warehouse.   The cost of restoration is usually less expensive than the cost of refinishing.

11. What type of work do you do on new Kitchen Cabinets?

I work on new and older kitchen cabinets. I touch up or as some like to say, "detail" new kitchen cabinets after installation has been made. At times, there may be problems with the finish that originated from the factory like glazing being uneven a missed area that needs the finish applied, scratches, etc. Other times, there could have been damage problems on delivery which I will repair. And still, other times, there might be problems due to installation such as abrasions, scratches, holes from nails used to install molding, holes in doors or drawers where a mistake was made installing handles and knobs. Therefore I complete the work on the cabinets so that customer is satisfied that the product they purchased is as perfect as man can make it.

12. What type of work do you do on older Kitchen Cabinets?

I restore the finish on them by doing what I described in the question and answer for "restoration". All holes, scratches, gouges, water damage, grease, oil, dirt have been cleaned and repaired and the cabinets look sensational once the prep work is complete and after the French polish method is used to make them look nearly as good as new.

13. Do you do the same time of work to new and older furniture as you do to kitchen cabinets?

Absolutely. The same process is used on Furniture and Antiques that I use on Kitchen Cabinets. Whether your furniture needs simple touch up work to rid the look of banged up or damaged furniture or if your furniture needs more TLC and requires restoration, the process is pretty much the same.