TNTLabs has experience in generating preliminary drawings from sketches and modifying/revising existing drawings for various types of construction projects. Client sketches can be hand drawn or pictures clipped from magazines or plan books. The preliminary drawings that we provide are the first step toward generating a full set of detailed blueprints. All work is done in-house using state-of-the-art CAD (computer aided drafting) software. Using this technology allows the initial drawing and iterative revisions to progress rapidly. The result of this iterative process is the development of a full set of blueprints that are acceptable to

  • County agencies for various permits.
  • Financial/lending institutions.
  • Community architectural control committees.
  • Suppliers in generating material lists and quotes.
  • Builders/contractors for reference during construction.
TNTLabs is a drafting firm and thus our blueprints are not stamped by a registered architect or professional engineer. These services are generally provided locally where construction is to take place.