Time is Money!

We've all heard the adage "Time is money". Use your time wisely by doing what you do best. Use your money wisely by letting us do what we do best. We have the equipment and expertise in Computer Aided Drafting to get the job done, professionally and quickly. Saving you time. Saving you money.

Time is Money!

Time is money for us too! We base our estimates on the amount of time we expect it will take to complete the job. The amount of time to complete a job depends on the level of detail and number of drawings (pages).

  • Don't be fool by estimates based on square footage. The square footage of an unfinished basement may be the same as the square footage of the first level. The level of detail between the two is significantly different. Naturally it will require less time to complete the basement drawing.
  • Don't be fooled by estimates based on number of pages. We all know a small cabin with a minimum level of detail may have the same number of pages as a million dollar mansion with a high level of detail. Obviously it will require less time to complete the cabin drawings. 
  • Don't be fooled by very low estimates from firms who also provide other services. Often these estimates are below actual costs. These firms take calculated risks hoping to make up the difference elsewhere.

Our estimates have to be accurate!

If we estimate too low, we might win the job, but ultimately we would lose money, and not be in business very long. The fee we charge is used to pay our drafting personnel, as well as the normal business operating costs (taxes, rent, utilities, supplies, equipment maintenance, etc.).

If we estimate too high, we would make considerable profit, but we would not be very competitive and lose many opportunities. Our current rate for Computer Aided Drafting services is $70.00 USD. As we've mention before, our estimates are based on the amount of time to complete each drawing.

For example, our estimate for the BSLODGE was calculated as follows:

Comments Level of
1 Site Plan Mostly derived from recorded plat. 2 4 280.00
2 Foundation Plan Unfinished, walkout. 1 2 140.00
3 First Floor Plan Full kitchen, one full bathroom, mudroom, foyer, one bedroom, great room. 3 6 420.00
4 Second Floor Plan Two bedrooms, one full bathroom 3 6 420.00
5 Front Elevation Two dormers, covered porch. 2 4 280.00
6 Rear Elevation Large reverse gable. Walkout basement 2 4 280.00
7 Left Elevation   2 4 280.00
8 Right Elevation Very similar to Left Elevation 2 2 140.00
9 Cross Section Side view framing detail. 4 8 560.00
Totals       40 2800.00

Our estimates include up to two revisions. Additional revisions will incur additional costs. Typically a minor revision takes very little time since everything is maintained on digital media. We also offer a discounted contractor rate for repeat business.